Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My thanks again to Astrobeej.  It turns out he is responsible for the picture of the viewer and the exasperated lady in the title image I created for this blog, and with his permission will stay up there for now.

Thanks again 'Beej!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

One last thing for today

I bought the lumber to make the seat.  The seat on the original was made from a waiting room chair called a Madison chair.  I will be making mine from scratch.  More to come on that soon.  My garage/shop should be all cleaned out from the winter collection of clutter this weekend and construction will continue.

The below chair picture on the left is a rendering made by and owned by Astrobeej.

First post and pictures of my progress so far.

So I was digging through by pile of unfinished parts and found a small plastic bag with an unfinished resin original series Star Trek wall com with speaker fabric and little black and white push button I got from a fellow fan and prop builder, Bruce.

I thought it was a really cool little prop and I needed to do it some justice when I finished it.  So I started thinking of what I could do with it. I could just paint it.  but then what would I do with the cool little push button?  I could make the red wall com.  But that would need to be hung on a wall and I just couldn't think of a place to put it in my house.  Somehow I thought that to do it proper justice I would have to build a captains chair to mount it to.  I know, if you couldn't think of a place to hang a wall com where the heck are you going to put this honking piece of furniture?  I dunno' yet, but it'll fit somewhere.

Then I picked up these great control buttons from Bruce.

And finally, I read through this massive thread collecting all the information I could to start my own build. Then, with the help of a fellow builder and friend, we had all the chair base and control box parts CNC'd and we assembled them a week ago.  Here are the major components set up (not attached to one another.)