Monday, January 14, 2013

On Hold Until Spring.

This project is not dead.  I plan on dusting this one off and finishing it this spring.  Though I did just join a local Hacker Space group, so I may have a place to work in the cold months, who knows?

Friday, August 24, 2012

What have I been doing?

Between too-hot weather, schedule constraints, and illnesses, what in the world have I been doing if not building this great chair?  I put this together.

Still need to make the black undershirt.

Here is the original build thread.

Took a few shots before the sun went too far west.  The shoulder pads are just pinned in place. I plan on fiddling with them a bit more - I think I can get some of the wrinkle out of the shoulder stripe.  I also didn't take any shots of the back - realized I need to fix the button strap locations first.

Some B-roll images.

This will be a nice go-to uniform.  But for my support red stripe uniform I'd like to iron out a few things.  Here's the corrections to the front I'd like to make.

As for comfort, I can sit in it just fine.  Reaching up is a bit hard.  It is a little tight in the shoulders too.  I took it in a lot in the back on this version so I may let it back out a little bit on the next one. But walking around, breathing, moving my arms in non-extreme poses works great.  It's actually more comfortable than I thought it'd be.

When I get the undershirt done I will post more pics in different poses.  I'm working on some hand held accessories and background items that should look good in my photos too. I am slowly turning my office into an ENT ready room.  Here's the latest item that should be showing up in my mail box this week...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Still too hot. But got another greeblie.

It's still in the upper 90's and low 100's.  Too hot to work in the garage.  Not enough scratch to buy the materials to finish the upholstery.  I did how ever just find this little gem in my mailbox.  My thanks to Bruce for making it for me!

The switches and black frame are made from colored resins.  The castings are perfect!  No bubbles, great colors, the only thing I need to do is clean up the bottoms of the switches and frame and secure it all together.  The switches are non functioning dummies, but man they look good!

The electronics I plan to install will be controlled by the push buttons mounted on the arm control panel opposite these switches.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Man it's hot - almost ready

After 16 consecutive days of over 90 degree weather (many well over 100, one day last weekend the thermometer at the house read 108!) it has finally started cooling down.  I will get the garage straitened up and will get back to the chair.

Next on the list is the walnut arm rests, then foam and upholstering.  Though I will be skinning a lot of it in HIPS, there's still going to be plenty of puttying and sanding.  I got a good lead on some great sandable putty (I've never looked past bondo before) called Evercoat Metal Glaze 100416 sanding putty.  thanks to Steve Neil's mentioning of it during his youtube video.  It's pricy but this chair is definitely worth it.

*corrected post from mahogany arm rests to walnut armrests 7-12-12 and corrected some spelling mistakes*

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another Small Step

For father's day my wife picked up the black vinyl for the seat.  Thanks honey!

And a secondary but no less important thanks to Gregg for leading me by the nose too it!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Back to it

Short post today.  I got my shop all cleaned out.  I re-assembled everything to check for damage as it was moved here and there the last few weeks.  All is well.  A quick pic before I really dig back into it.  I just picked up my carpet as you see in this pic.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Getting back to it

Been away from the project too long.  Had that medicine cabinet to build, then had a friend's wedding in Vegas, then had car troubles, water heater died, and now I am down with a nasty sinus infection.

I did pick up some carpet samples, and I have listed out and sourced the upholstering materials and supplies I need.  SO keep an eye out, there will be more posts that are directly chair related soon.  In the mean time here's a fun little Makers Fair talk from Adam Savage of Mythbusters.  It's a great talk that definitely had echos of my life and likely yours too if you build stuff like I do.  :)