Friday, August 24, 2012

What have I been doing?

Between too-hot weather, schedule constraints, and illnesses, what in the world have I been doing if not building this great chair?  I put this together.

Still need to make the black undershirt.

Here is the original build thread.

Took a few shots before the sun went too far west.  The shoulder pads are just pinned in place. I plan on fiddling with them a bit more - I think I can get some of the wrinkle out of the shoulder stripe.  I also didn't take any shots of the back - realized I need to fix the button strap locations first.

Some B-roll images.

This will be a nice go-to uniform.  But for my support red stripe uniform I'd like to iron out a few things.  Here's the corrections to the front I'd like to make.

As for comfort, I can sit in it just fine.  Reaching up is a bit hard.  It is a little tight in the shoulders too.  I took it in a lot in the back on this version so I may let it back out a little bit on the next one. But walking around, breathing, moving my arms in non-extreme poses works great.  It's actually more comfortable than I thought it'd be.

When I get the undershirt done I will post more pics in different poses.  I'm working on some hand held accessories and background items that should look good in my photos too. I am slowly turning my office into an ENT ready room.  Here's the latest item that should be showing up in my mail box this week...

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