Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Man it's hot - almost ready

After 16 consecutive days of over 90 degree weather (many well over 100, one day last weekend the thermometer at the house read 108!) it has finally started cooling down.  I will get the garage straitened up and will get back to the chair.

Next on the list is the walnut arm rests, then foam and upholstering.  Though I will be skinning a lot of it in HIPS, there's still going to be plenty of puttying and sanding.  I got a good lead on some great sandable putty (I've never looked past bondo before) called Evercoat Metal Glaze 100416 sanding putty.  thanks to Steve Neil's mentioning of it during his youtube video.  It's pricy but this chair is definitely worth it.

*corrected post from mahogany arm rests to walnut armrests 7-12-12 and corrected some spelling mistakes*

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