Saturday, April 7, 2012

Starting the Madison

The original Captain Kirk chair was made using a Madison chair as previously stated in this blog.  Well, I've shopped around and decided that I didn't want to wait to find just the right vintage seat to pop up for sale, nor did I want to pay the arm-and-a-leg-price they go for these days so I decided to build my own; once again, I used all the great information from this wonderful forum thread.

Here's some pix from today's progress.

The curving jigs.  These are set up for the seat rails and the upper back.  There are different spacers (top right) to re-use them for the lower back.

 The upper back section ready to be jigged and glued.

The upper back section glued and jigged.

The two flat side rails clamped and glued up.

Here is what is waiting for me tomorrow.  I used all my clamps - literally - so I had to wait on the other curved pieces.  So if I can find the time tomorrow will see the lower back section and at least one of the curved seat rails jigged and glued.  Not pictured are the side rails for mounting the backs to.  I will try to get them done this weekend too.

Finally a big thanks to my dad.  He came over today to help me out.  We got all this work done as well as setting up my new air compressor with nailer, build a custom hose reel, and clean off the band saw my uncle donated to my shop and put a new blade on it.  THANKS DAD!

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